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Place to Taste the Real Sichuan Food

Whether your tastes run to the typical spicy Sichuan dishes, more easterly Chinese cuisine, or if you want something foreign to China, all of these and more are available here in Chengdu. At a restaurant called Guizhou Huaxi Niurou Mifen, where Du Yong works as a cook, I sampled a noodle, beef, and cabbage dish called Niurou Mifen, Chaoshou ¨C which is a spicy variation on dumplings, and L¨¹ Dou Tang ¨C a cold soup apparently made from green beans. At Yafeiya, where Yang works, you can taste the flavors of India, such as Nan or Tandoori. For a truly excellent club sandwich, try the Australian owned Shamrock Irish bar and restaurant. Ming, a Chengdu local, works there. She has just finished her degree in English and says she is happy to have found a job where she can practice using her English and learn about different cultures. Here in Chengdu, I have yet to be disappointed with what I have eaten, and count myself as a lucky man indeed. Having come from Korea where all of the dishes are variations on three basic themes, the variety here is a rare pleasure for me, and one that I do not take lightly.

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