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Chengdu Impression

When in Chengdu, do what people in Chengdu do. Have a hotpot dinner. Pandas Pandas Why do people always say we have it easy? Life is hard. Trust us to, unknowingly if I may add, pick the classiest (read: priciest) hotpot restaurant in the whole of Chengdu - Huang Cheng Lao Ma, just a couple of doors down the street from our hotel. We paid dearly for being lazy. Actually, it was affordable by Singapore¡¯s standard (just slightly more than a meal for two at a budget Chungking hotpot outlet at Beach Road). Besides, we ordered from the chef¡¯s recommendation page (Mom did not realize until later that there were cheaper selections in the menu). The ingredients were very fresh and exquisite. Taste wise, honestly, they all taste the same after they are dipped into the spicy broth. Besides, your taste buds are too numb from all the spices to tell the difference.

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