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Chongqing is Food Paradise

Chongqing has a wet climate, being China¡¯s famous misty city. Therefore the people of Chongqing like spicy food because chili dispels the wetness and coldness. Chili is served in all Sichuan or Chongqing food, no matter it is a fried dish, a cold dish or even a course of soup, the most famous Chongqing hot pot is known for its heavy spice. Here chili is served in various ways; it can be served separately, and can also be served together with pepper. Sichuan Food or Chongqing Food is cooked in a flexible way, dependent on the actual conditions, which can give a strong taste but can also offer a mildly spicy taste according to the requirement; what is more important is to always deliver a hot and fresh flavor.

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