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rice dispenser

rice dispenser

“JIVIL” is a rice dispenser(container) to be installed in kitchen cabinet: The important functions are:

1. Unique Waterfall-like Rice Flow
The patented JIVIL makes rice taking as easy as taking water from water faucet. Never bend to take rice again!

2. The Exciting Foldable Design
The faucet can be drawn back and folded to the same level as kitchen countertop. Do not influence your daily housework above kitchen countertop. The amazing cool shape!

3. Solution to Dead Zone in Kitchen Cabinet
It can be installed in the space which is not easy to be used in kitchen cabinet, for example the space behind drawer, pull-out unit, or in a corner. Make full use of your kitchen space!

4. Human-based Intellectual Design
Automatically remember the rice quantity taken last time, only one press is needed. The signal light can remind you when rice inside is not enough. Easily experience your fancy kitchen!

5. Healthy & Environment Friendly Rice Washing
The bran and sands mixed in rice can be separated automatically. Comparing to the traditional way of rice washing, it saves both water and nutrition.

rice dispenser product offered by Hangzhou Onbay Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

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