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50 HZ Electric LTD

In competitive household appliances arena, 50HZ Electric Ltd is a winner and pioneer. Up to now, we have hundreds of international patents. Moreover, in the main supermarkets throughout the world, you can see our products in favor. Last year we totally sold nearly 7,000,000 of our products to North America and Europe. People having faith in 50HZ come from different cultures and age-groups ranging from teenagers, young couples to the aged. Though different, they have one common point: trusting 50HZ as their life companion. Then why has 50HZ gained so much credit and support? In short, what are the reasons that make 50HZ so successful?

Great success, in essence, comes from great ideas. Great success rests with great ideas coming into real practice. With the idea of valuing life, people and the environment, 50HZ has grown unique and strong standing for the best blenders, juice extractors, food choppers and food processors.

In our view, life can be splendid. Multi-functions of our product family provide you with a stage to fully express your creativity, and always make big surprises; life can be full of love, romance and tenderness, what bliss when you and your beloved one are enjoying your elaborately- made, tasty food, drinks euphorically by our products of absolute quality! Life can also be free and easy, the simplicity of operation, user-friendly design could make every complicated cooking process a snap. Creating a splendid, romantic and easy life for our customers is our ultimate aim.

50HZ Electric Ltd cares for people all the time, this idea embodies in every details of our products. By perfectly combining form and function, simplicity and absolute quality, we ensure our customers safe, healthy when using our products, yet still enjoying an aesthetic feeling. In addition to user-friendliness, we are dedicating to environment-friendliness. And we hope our products save more time for users to enjoy perfect moments with their family leisurely. In short, valuing customers' safety, health, and the environment is our eternal principle.

However, to succeed, great ideas need shape to demonstrate themselves. At 50HZ , the wealth of long-time experience, professional knowledge, and modern technology makes our ideas on life, safety, health and environment fully expressed in our blenders, juice extractors, choppers and food processors. Most importantly, we have a strong team of talents in the fields of R&D, designing, managing and marketing, etc, who always come up with better ideas, never stop striving for innovation and committing to best service, without their passion and dedication, 50HZ can not get so many achievements.

A splendid, romantic, easy life and a prosperous future are ahead of you with 50HZ Electric Ltd as your companion!

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