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Concerning biodegradable cornstarch material, it is acquired through the process of adding a small amount of biodegradable resin into it, which makes the material keeps the plasticity and durability of traditional plastic. Further more, Chain reaction of the radicals in the material will take place after the period of inducement of biodegradation affected by the nature, which brings fracture to some molecular chains of the resin and the material will change into tiny powder as Low-molecular-weight materials which will be absorbed by the nature easily.

Some informations details about the performance of our products.

The biodegradable disposable cornstarch tableware is high-new technological products of which the degradation rate has passed the Composting Standard Test of ISO14855 through international authorized agencies of ilace-MAR, which shows the absolute degradation rate reaches 91.07percent within 102 days and meets relevant international environmental standards. Tested by the health quarantine agencies of China and FDA of the U. S, the products are allowed to enter the U. S market. Moreover, the products have been tested in Taiwan Plastics Industry and Technology Development Center on hardiness (placed in the environment of minus 15 degrees Celsius), heat (placed in the environment of 120degrees Celsius) and temperature (on microwave ovens for 5 minutes with food), which turns out to be of normal functions.

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